What is VOX™ Technology?

Introducing EWS’s latest innovation for handling and disposing of wastewater.

VOX™ stands for Vaporization in a Box, a mobile, modular, scalable and compact patented evaporative water technology. Built in Houston, Texas, it is well suited for on-pad operation as well as installation at produced water storage, treatment and disposal facilities.

When you partner with EWS, you will be provided a customized, fit-for-purpose evaporative water solution.

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Streamlined Permitting Gets You Up and Running Quickly

The low emissions of our patented VOX™ technology allow for streamlined permitting for our customers – so our customers can quickly install and implement VOX™ technology.

EWS has received permitting approval in some of the most restrictive states for emissions standards.

Benefits of our Wastewater Evaporation Technology

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How does VOX™ Technology return water to the water cycle?

Evaporation is the process by which water changes from a liquid into a gas or vapor. It is the primary process that moves water from its liquid state back into the water cycle as atmospheric water vapor. For the water cycle to work, water has to get from the earth’s surface back into the sky so it can rain back down.

Using high temperature air, our patented, proprietary VOX™ technology vaporizes wastewater on-site, directly resulting in the water vapor entering the air above the VOX™ unit and returning to the environment.

Put Our Patented VOX™ Technology to the Test

Let us customize an evaporative solution for you.

Current VOX™ Operations