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Based in Houston, Texas, Energy Water Solutions (EWS) is an innovative, experienced company delivering patented technology for a variety of industries to revolutionize and redefine the wastewater evaporation market. Our evaporative disposal technology is reliable, environmentally responsible and designed to the specific needs of each customer.

Our Commitment

EWS is focused on delivering cost savings in wastewater management while operating in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner. Our products are designed around patented, proprietary technology with a proven ability to evaporate water safely, reliably and with minimal emissions.


EWS knows that our customers rely on us to deliver on our promise at the job site. Our entire company is focused on manufacturing, delivering and operating our VOX™ units to deliver the performance our customers expect. Our VOX™ units are monitored by a control system with satellite links to our Operations and Engineering teams, who receive regular updates and immediate notification of departures from the baseline, so we can track performance and be as proactive and reactive as needed.


At EWS safety is a top priority and responsibility. We are committed to providing a workplace that is safe and healthy for all employees, customers, neighbors and the community in general.

Customer Focused

Our technology is designed to save customers money while operating safely and reliably. We build, operate and maintain our equipment with this as a core focus.

Operational Excellence

Reliability is the result of a process, a process designed to assure our team’s performance meets or exceeds expectations. We combine the elements of structure, experience and discipline with an empowering internal support system so people can think for themselves, ask questions and get the right answers so they in turn can do their best work.

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Explore some of our
frequently asked questions.

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We are a leading water technology company that specializes in helping clients lower their water management costs in an Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) responsible manner.

— Beau Egert, Chief Executive Officer

— Beau Egert, CEO