(Houston, Texas) Energy Water Solutions (Company), a water technology company who focuses on evaporative technologies for the Oil & Gas and Industrial markets, is pleased to announce deployment of four VOX™ commercial units at the Duchess Canis Major Pad in Butler County, PA. This partnership is the beginning of a program to add VOX™ units to reduce produced water disposal costs.

“We are excited to partner with Duchess,” stated Gregg Johnson, EWS’s CEO. “Since beginning our partnership, Duchess has further established itself as a forward-thinking leader in Pennsylvania gas production. Their reputation and operational excellence make them an ideal partner to further commercialize VOX and manage and mitigate produced water challenges.”

Energy Water Solution’s VOX technology, recently patented in August 2020, is in the unique position to reduce lease operating expenses as it relates to disposed water costs. The uniqueness of the VOX technology is its ability to scale up or down during the produced water cycle following the typical water curve found during oil and gas extraction. Additionally, Energy Water Solution’s turn-key approach includes managing Air and Water permitting for the customer – allowing customers to focus on production.

Johnson added “In the current market, every Operator hasn’t had the opportunity to focus on value added service offerings like ours. However, I am confident that,  as pressures increase to lower LOE costs, there will be a growing trend to look at on-pad treatment. This partnership with Duchess shows their commitment to bringing in new technology and a new service offering to operate more efficiently, and reduce costs.

About Energy Water Solutions

Energy Water Solutions (EWS) is transforming the way Operators look at produced water disposal. EWS’ VOX™ technology provides operators flexibility needed for reducing costs in the rapidly changing and low commodity price market. With an ability to provide mobile, modular evaporative units on a Build/Own/Operate (BOO) operating model, EWS provides reliable, fit-for-purpose evaporative solutions with minimal CAPEX investment.

To learn more about EWS technology and how you can save money on your produced water disposal costs without any CAPEX required on your part, visit www.energywatersolutions.com or contact: sales@energywatersolutions.com.