Water evaporation in the Marcellus region (OH/WVA/PA)

The recent drop in oil prices and the reductions in Capital Budgets are presenting Producers with a new challenge.

All the existing wells completed over the past several years are continuing to make more water than is required to meet the current drilling plans. This is putting a large amount of stress on water disposal.

  • Stress on water disposal industry
  • We evaporate water cheaper, with patented technology
  • Moveable technology

We partnered with an E&P Company to invent a solution to address this problem. The result is a patented, Evaporation in Place (EiP), technology that is capable of evaporating water into the atmosphere without boiling it. The new technology is moveable, has the footprint of a frac tank and is capable of evaporating produced water cheaper than hauling it to a disposal site.

The ideal place for the EiP is in fields with large distances between well groupings or where the terrain makes it very difficult to bring them into a larger gathering system.  Other applications include drilling pits, large settling ponds or areas where trucking and disposal are expensive.

We recognize the importance of water, particularly in a region such as West Texas where it can be scarce at times. This is the reason we put significant emphasis on being a responsible user of water, participating in studies, gathering data and tailoring our water-management strategies with a conservation focus.
— Chad McAllaster, Vice President of Anadarkos's Operations for West Texas