Bill Weathersby to speak at the 6th Annual East Texas Energy Symposium

Bill Weathersby will be speaking at the Sixth Annual East Texas Energy Symposium May 5, 2015, hosted at the East Texas Oil Museum on the Kilgore College campus.

Bill is CEO of Energy Water Solutions and speaks from his considerable experience running a water recycling company in this burgeoning and dynamic industry.  He will discuss the current state of produced water recycling in Texas and the impact current regulations have on East Texas.  He will reflect on the necessity of having a water plan prepared before the drilling operations even begin and share best practices on how to overcome challenges in water sourcing, storage and application of treatment technologies.  And finally reflect on how treatment technology, logistics, cost optimization and regulation support an overall environmental objective for the state of Texas.

A panel of experts from industry, academia, and government will discuss issues related to water use and produced water treatment and disposal. The event will provide a platform for participants to understand the growing concerns over produced water disposal and what options East Texas has to proactively get ahead of the concerns.  Several alternatives to disposal will be discussed using current state regulations as the backdrop.

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