JP Welch to Speak at Deep Space, Deep Ocean

JP Welch to speak at the Aramco “Deep Space, Deep Ocean: Exploring Crossover Technologies in the Space and Energy Sectors.” April 7-8, 2015.  Both the aerospace and oil and gas industries operate at times in harsh, unexplored environments requiring unique solutions for safety and reliability.

The event will provide a platform for participants to go on a “deep dive” to analyze similar operational challenges between the two industries then set the stage to solve these challenges through technology collaboration. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to participate in the forum, and is assisting with content development.

Water is an essential element to sustaining life. Management of this precious resource is also critical to industry. Exploration in space and exploration on earth for hydrocarbon resources both require water usage to sustain operations. As such, both industries face unique and shared challenges related to the use of water in regard to quality, treatment, disposal and availability. A panel of experts from industry, academia, and government will discuss issues related to water use and wastewater treatment and disposal across a spectrum of industries. Participants will hear case studies that outline scale of operations, nature of the water requirements and end purpose, and new technology development — and will also join in on discussions focused on shared challenges and workable solutions.

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