Press Release

Energy Water Solutions announces another water processing milestone.  To date the EWS treatment platform has processed 10,000,000 barrels including application experience in the Niobrara, DJ Basin and Eagle Ford.  The initial platform was developed in 2008 and processing produced water continuously in the Eagle Ford since 2012.

EWS employs proven processes to recondition produced water for frac recycle or “Beneficial Use”.  The process design was vetted by MWH engineers through rigorous field trails to ensure a robust design with optimal performance.  EWS offers plug-and-play process flexibility depending on the product water quality requirements.  The system is offered in two fundamental configurations:  the “Upstream” configuration removes suspended solids and free organics making the water suitable for produced water recycle while the  “Beneficial Use” configuration removes dissolved solids yielding product water that is near distilled quality.

Depending on the influent quality and product water requirements, EWS offers expertise using dissolved air flotation for the removal of suspended solids, oil and grease; nutshell filtration to remove asphaltenes, paraffins and other large-chain petroleum contaminants; aeration for volatile organic carbon control; ceramic microfiltration to remove precipitated metal hydroxides and calcium carbonate and membrane filtration to remove dissolved salts.