Our Core Solutions

Water Evaporation

We partnered with an E&P Company to invent a patented, Evaporation in Place (EiP), technology that is capable of evaporating water into the atmosphere without boiling it. The new technology is moveable, has the footprint of a frac tank and is cheaper than hauling produced water to a disposal site.

Our Vision 


Produced Water is the largest volume waste stream in energy exploration and production with global estimates of over 70 billion barrels annually.

To treat the world’s Produced Water and make it an incremental water source available for use for energy production, agriculture, and environmental consumption.

How we use the treated water

Agricultural Reuse

Our Patented technology has been used in several unconventional basins to provide a new fresh water source for agriculture.

Oil & Gas Reuse

Our Patented processes have been used in several unconventional basins to provide recycled water for hydraulic fracturing.

Environmental Reuse

Our Patented evaporation systems have been used in areas where Producers are experiencing excessive produced water volumes.