Energy Water Solutions (EWS) VOX Evaporation Technology achieves permitting breakthrough allowing immediate commercial use, which will significantly reduce operating costs at oil & gas production pads in Pennsylvania.

Friday, April 17th, Houston, Texas – Evaporative technology leader EnergyWaterSolutions (EWS) today announced that it has received formal acceptance of its airborne emissions testing from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for its VOX Evaporation Technology. As a result of its extremely low emissions, VOX now can be immediately deployed for commercial use at oil & gas production pads in the Pennsylvania portion of the Marcellus formation.

EWS’s patented “evaporation in a box” (VOX ™) technology evaporates produced water from production sites into the atmosphere with very low emissions. VOX is mobile, has a small footprint, and is capable of evaporating produced water significantly cheaper when compared to hauling it to a disposal site. In today’s low-priced oil and gas environment, where water disposal costs are one of the most expensive components of production, VOX technology will bring sorely needed relief to the industry.

The approval of the low emissions tests for the VOX by the PADEP means that operators can immediately add VOX on-pad and massively reduce their water disposal costs, without facing new regulatory hurdles.

“We are pleased with the formal acceptance from the PADEP. VOX is now ready for use on-pad, just in time, as our customers face now, more than ever, a challenging environment in which to operate profitably,” said Gregg Johnson, CEO. He further added that:

“We are excited to see the positive response from our customers and are looking forward to scaling up our operating fleet in the Marcellus region. This solution will present a win-win for the Operators as well as for the local community” said Johnson, noting that on-pad evaporation reduces local truck traffic because of the decreased need for hauling produced water to disposal sites.

About EWS

EnergyWaterSolutions (EWS) is transforming the way Operators look at produced water disposal. EWS’ VOX™ technology provides operators flexibility needed for reducing costs in the rapidly changing and low commodity price market. With an ability to provide mobile, modular evaporative units on a Build/Own/Operate (BOO) operating model, EWS provides reliable, fit-for-purpose evaporative solutions with minimal CAPEX investment.

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