Strict respect for the Law:

We strictly adhere to regulatory requirements and take an active role in helping regulators shape policies that are responsible and effective.

Honesty and Integrity:

Show respect and dignity for all while managing any conflicts of interest in the field.

Employee Growth:

Foster an environment of learning by creating teams that listen and learn and by rewarding and recognizing outstanding performance.

Social Responsibility:

We identify and implement actions aimed at improving the life of neighboring communities.

Environmental Stewardship:

Operate in an environmentally responsible manor using small amounts of land and generating large amounts of incremental fresh water.

Health and Safety:

Respecting national and international norms for the workplace while maintaining our employees well being.

Operational Excellence:

Providing our customers the best service and responsiveness while identifying and limiting industrial and environmental risks on sites.

Do more with Less:

Continuous improvement programs lead to an ability to produce more benefits with the same or fewer resources.