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During the unconventional shale revolution we redesigned our technology to be moveable and allow it to be placed near the large central collection facilities that were popping up in every lease.  The term “life of lease, not life of frac” was borne out of this movement.  Our goal is to become part of the fabric of each field and to recycle water from numerous producing wells at one location, generating much more water for available reuse and cutting down on infield trucking.


Over the past several years it became apparent that recycling produced water was simply not enough to make an entire fluids management system work.  To make recycling cost effective for Producers, an entire system of gathering, recycling, storage and distribution would be required.  In essence, an entire logistics supply chain for getting recycled water to the next frac job would be required.  EWS partnered with a leading oilfield services firm to provide holistic sourcing, recycling and transportation solutions.  This team has recycled and delivered hundreds of thousands of barrels to the likes of Weatherford, Halliburton, and FracTech for use in hydraulic fracturing.  



"...reducing the amount of water from aquifers that we use is important as we continue to develop new and existing plays. We are pleased to be working with Energy Water Solutions to implement leading edge recycling solutions..."

-- John Jensen, Executive VP EP Energry (retired)