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"To treat the world’s Produced Water and make it an incremental water source available for use for energy production, agriculture, and environmental consumption."

Produced Water is the largest volume waste stream in energy exploration and production with global estimates of over 70 billion barrels annually. Our patented treatment solutions allow for several beneficial uses including fresh water for hydraulic fracturing, incremental water sources for agriculture and industry or for environmental use in locations experiencing severe water shortages.

Our ability to provide fresh water from a previously regarded environmental liability forms the nexus of energy production and water conservation.


    The water cycle in Oil & Gas exploration and production is well known and has been deployed around the world. The complicating factor around optimizing the water cycle is the volatile nature of the world's oil and gas supplies. To be effective long term, an E&P company needs the ability to quickly adapt to the changing global economy.

    The foundation of our approach is to offer solutions that can quickly adapt to changes in the demands of our customers. We offer tailored solutions like recycling for hydraulic fracturing when the drill plan is very active to beneficial reuse alternatives like fresh water discharge and evaporation in place when drill plans are cut back.

Agricultural Reuse

Our Patented technology has been used in several unconventional basins to provide a new fresh water source for agriculture

Oil & Gas Reuse

Our Patented processes have been used in several unconventional basins to provide recycled water for hydraulic fracturing

Environmental Reuse

Our Patented evaporation systems have been used in areas where Producers are experiencing excessive produced water volumes


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